Whether you’re a complete newbie or well-versed in picking pieces, Tazuri is a new, innovative space for you to explore what the art collecting process can look like. With a few easy clicks, we’ll introduce you to relatively unknown artists of color and have their work on your walls in no time.

If you’re not able to spring for a piece, but still want to support us, we are so honored by any monetary gift that helps artists of color promote and exhibit their work.

Collectors Guide

No mystery here. It’s as easy as a click. The price is accurate and decided in close consultation with the artist. All related information is available in the “About this piece” and “About the artist” section on the artwork page.

You have the option to “Buy now”— meaning the ability to purchase a work with the simple click of a button. Once you click the “Buy now” button and complete checkout, Tazuri will confirm your order within 48 hours and start talking logistics like packing, insuring, and shipping the work.

Tazuri will send you an email every time your order has an update. If you have any further questions about a work, please contact us.


Transparency shows respect and saves us all a lot of headaches, so none of this murky, secretive stuff. When it comes to cash, you get a 70% cut of online sales and 60% of physical exhibition sales. The Tazuri cut funds everything from overhead to staffing to inbox management. Basically, all the fun stuff you don’t have to deal with to get your work out there.

If you’re interested in joining Tazuri as a contemporary artist of color actively producing gallery-viable artwork, we have an open submission policy.

Creators Guide

All submissions are made via the form below and are reviewed regularly.

Artists should send:

  1. One to two short paragraphs introducing the work
  2. Bio
  3. Website link showcasing available artwork (a pdf of your work is fine if you don’t have a website)
  4. Details like sizes, price points and medium

Once we’ve reviewed your submission we’ll contact you within two weeks.


The risk-taking, trend-setting art contemporaries buying work these days are scavenging for physical spaces that keep pace with where art is going, so if that’s you, we’d love to talk shop and see where you’re at.

Collaborators Guide

We are always looking for partners of all sorts that support, promote, and enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity in the art sector. Contact us at so we can talk more.